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- LEVEL UP UKRAINE 2022, will take place on 27 May. The fate of the leading investment companies of Ukraine, the great funds from the USA and the country of the EU, is at the beginning of the turbulence. Planned for close to 1000 participants.

A unique platform for creating an ecosystem where business, government and society agree on partnership, to share opportunities, and to interact to empower each other.




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  • Mission - Level UP Ukraine exists for the partnership of business, government and society that leads to real action in Ukraine.
  • Vision - This is an ever-growing community of reformers that brings together communities, networks, organizations and personalities in Ukraine and the world to create positive changes in the state.
  • Values - Sustainable development. Balance of interests. Exchange of abilities.

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  • Business Business

    Business efficiency determines the community of ideas and the coherence of communication between participants in the process. It is only in the negotiation process that mutually beneficial conditions are reached, under which the growth of business increases the trust in the state and the standard of living in the society.

  • Authorities Authorities

    The state risks losing its international subjectivity without the internal foundation of the finances and ideas that business and society provide. The ability of the authorities to provide institutional support, as well as to protect the interests of businesses at the macroeconomic level and to lobby for ideas of society, opens up new opportunities of cooperation.

  • Society Society

    Socially significant initiatives run the risk of remaining ideas without adequate institutional and financial support from businesses and the state. The community and its representatives need to come together to formulate a reform agenda and find appropriate support from business and the state.




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